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Protect the weakest link of encryption

Dyadic applies a technology called secure Multiparty Computation to enable the storage and usage of cryptographic keys without ever having them in a single place, thereby eliminating the key as a single point of failure. This is being achieved practically by splitting a key into two random shares which are then stored on distinct, separate machines with high degree of segregation.

Each of these machines has a vHSM and each machine can use the cryptographic API that allows only encryption, decryption and signing. Key material export is impossible, as neither of the machines ever hold the key.

How does it work?

how does it work

  1. Generate a split key and keep refreshing the split.
  2. Store the parts of the key in different servers.
  3. Use the key without EVER bringing the parts together again

At the core of Dyadic’s vHSM technology lies cutting-edge technology based on decades of advanced cryptographic research in secure multiparty computation (MPC).