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Preventing the Breach

DSM Secures Your Most Valuable Assets

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Dyadic’s Web Suite

Web Suite

Dyadic's web suite provides all the functionality necessary for protecting web applications. This includes SSL (the protocol used for protect web sessions), application-layer encryption (for sensitive client data, credit card numbers, etc.), password protection, and cookie encryption and signing. Learn More.

Why Dyadic

The unfortunate fact is that network breaches and sophisticated attackers are here to stay. Perimeter protection and intrusion detection solutions are absolutely essential, but they just aren't enough any more. Learn More.

Dyadic’s Web Suite

The Solution

Dyadic's DSM is a software-only offering that provides the highest level of security while being affordable and easy to deploy. The DSM is suitable for on-premise and cloud environments, and supports standard APIs making integration into existing solutions straightforward. Learn More.

Dyadic's DSM

Dyadic's DSM Dyadic's patent-pending Distributed Security Module splits keys and authentication credentials randomly between multiple servers and carries out computations without ever bringing them together. Secrets are protected since they are never in any one place to be stolen.

Ease of Integration

Dyadic's software-only DSM is easy to install and use. In addition, it supports standard cryptographic APIs so that integration into existing solutions is straightforward. With one easy installation, Dyadic protects passwords, encryption keys, signing keys, SSL keys, and more.